Dear Best Friend – [Supa ChuLi]

Supa ChuLi is a self-proclaimed “emotional melodic trapstar”, but his talents dive much deeper than this simple description of himself. While I’m just getting familiar with the rising emcee, he has released his latest single “Dear Best Friend” under his new label TTG Records, and it’s the perfect starting point to expand my awareness of the North Carolina native. The track is a smooth, slow-burning ode to secret lovers who prefer to keep their relationship to themselves rather than share it with the world. This one just has such a catchy hook and a notable melody that you’ll find yourself humming along without even realizing it. ChuLi’s charisma and energy are evident in the song, which is a testament to his talent as a rapper as he displays his insanely interesting cadences.
The record is a sonic treat with tremendous dexterity that highlights ChuLi’s emotive and impassioned performance. The up-and-comer’s style is exceptional, and he has a way of standing out and proving his individuality without being a clone or trying too hard to be someone that others know he’s not. ChuLi seamlessly blends elements of trap, R&B, and hip-hop to create his own distinct sound and describes himself as an “emotional artist” who can “fit in or stand out”, a few traits that are evident within this record. The musician’s musical background is evident in his style, and he credits his love of this industry to his family’s influence:

“My dad and my mom always played music around the house. My dad’s a music junkie. He never did music himself, but he could sing like he could sing his tail off.”

This love for music is apparent in ChuLi’s performance, and it is clear that he is passionate about his art. “Dear Best Friend” is a standout track from Supa ChuLi, and his rapping aptitudes are abundantly obvious throughout the song. After listening, it’s quite clear that he is an artist to watch in the world of hip-hop, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what else he has to come.