Dead It – [My Favorite Color]

I try not to use comparisons too liberally just because I feel like if an artist is intriguing enough to make the waves that they’re making, they deserve to be mentioned in a sentence of their own and not someone else’s. At the same time, I think that these are necessary at times because some talents just remind me of other artists who have become massive, and if they continue to break through barriers the way they already have, then they’re going to reach that level sooner or later as well.

I say all of this because My Favorite Color is someone who I think has all the talent and creativity in the world and seeing the way some of his music and visuals come together reminds me of Tyler, the Creator during his Odd Future days. Not MFC’s style, sound, or personality, but the way he brings such vivid ideas to life both sonically and visuals have me reminiscing on a time when Tyler was just doing what he loved no matter how strange or unheard of it was, and it was because of that self-faith that he became one of the biggest names in music right now.

MFC has been staying true to himself from the very beginning, translating this into his unbelievably addicting and unconventional releases, and his most recent release “Dead It” is yet another song that is absolutely insane in terms of the record itself as well as the video. In the Jack Rottier-directed visual, MFC brings an unexplainable amount of vibrancy to the party all over again, showing off his energetic personality and spitfire flows as he performs in various single-color rooms.

Whether he’s in an all-yellow, blue, purple, or other colored settings, his outfits are the perfect accent to the color scheme while the intentionally frantic camerawork is the best accompaniment to his insanely swift bars that seem to just pour out of his mouth without a second thought. I still have no idea what MFC’s full potential could be which is mind-boggling because he has already released so many captivating things, including this song and video combination, which means that you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to keep up with this ridiculously talented emcee any longer, and you should probably just set reminders for whenever he drops something new, just to make sure you’re not left in the dust.