Dead & Gone – [Joey Fatts] ft. [Dave East]

Joey Fatts recently teamed up with New York icon Dave East, for his lead single, “Dead & Gone,” previewing his upcoming project releasing September 24th, Joey The Album. The track features two raw, uncut and unfiltered artists who pair up to form a tough, but poetic four minutes of artistry that will only leave the listener wanting to hear more.

Joey spits about the music industry and the grim realities that come with it; fame, two-faced relationships, greed, and jealousy – but also about how he’s overcome, and that his goals and mindset are on preserving the future and not dwelling on the past. “My daughter need it all before I’m dead & gone, gon’ give this sh*t my all before I’m dead & gone.”

Dave East, whose popularity has steady risen among new listeners, and remained constant among old, continues to go to war with every verse he touches. His raw abilities are gravitating, and his raspy, new-old-school flow will leave listeners entranced. He talks words of success and themes of feeling untouchable, “I took plenty drunken advice, then fell in love with this life, I am not coming down, this sh*t like I’m stuck on a flight.”

The music video, directed by Kikys Vision (member of Joey’s label, Cutthroat) attributes well to the track, with portrayals of the two sipping lavishly in a luxury SUV rolling carelessly through dim-lit city streets, and posted, drinking straight out of the bottle. Kikys Vision does a spectacular job in distorting simplistic scenes with warping animation effects and high-contrasting light settings to make the viewer feel as if they’re drinking right alongside the artists.

Keep an eye out for Joey The Album, releasing September 24th, and catch a first glimpse of it with Joey Fatts’ lead single “Dead & Gone” (ft. Dave East), on YouTube below!