Dead End – [Jan Metternich]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Jan Metternich is a promising young artist out of Germany. With a pop rap influenced sound, the seventeen year old’s music often incorporates plenty of bass and 808 heavy production that uniquely blends with his soft vocals. His latest offering, “Dead End,” is a heartbreak anthem where Metternich admits he cannot accept being mistreated anymore in the deteriorated relationship. Losing his feelings at the door, Jan realizes his affection for his previous lover has reached a ‘dead end,’ and that he must move on to alleviate his suffering. With greater dreams of being a household name someday, Jan grasps with the fact that he must kill off the relationship if he’s to regain his composure and resulting momentum. I see a lot of raw potential in Metternich; especially through the emotional content that’s emphasized through his lyrics. Stream Jan Metternich’s latest single “Dead End” below!