d&db.nfo – [Dazegxd] x [Dirty Bird]

House music as a concept alone is seemingly everlasting as we currently stand in this modern age; this is a genre that has adapted and attached its likeness to a number of different adjacent sounds and styles, while staying true to the standard conventions it set for itself as far back as nearly 30+ years ago now.

With that being said, it takes a certain amount of telling artistry and sheer creative influence to become known as an act who serves as something of a catalyst for the genre to move further and further into these aforementioned new lanes as they are — taking the genre into new places while still holding its baseline and past-centric ideals so closely in the process.

But as though there was any single doubt about it in the first place, this artistic status has come to at least in part define the resounding careers of both Dazegxd and Dirty Bird up to this point. Though the two have certainly come to be known in other circles – with Daze pushing the ever-rising next era of pop and hip-hop forward with his prolific production work in those lanes, while Dirty Bird has done his part in the worlds of plunderphonics and lounge – the two have become most prominently known for their exceptionally nuanced work in the world of house music today.

They have both come to lay claim to this title for some quite obvious reasons; their take on traditional garage, acid, and lofi tags that make up house music has been nothing short of outstanding within both of their respective catalogs. They are essentially putting the most modern spin possible on what has always been considered an “of-its-time” era of house, which has culminated in some of the most finely-tuned and spotless dance offerings to come out within the past year and even beyond.

In taking all of this in, it is no surprise that the two’s first full-length collaborative effort “d&db.nfo” is as incredibly momentous as it is. Though it sits at just over 15 minutes with only 5 tracks to showcase, no other project released thus far this year has served as a better shining example of the future of house in this light as it stands, while being as beaming with quality as this experience in particular is all the same.

The two have perfected the art of translating nostalgia and its corresponding set-standards into the modern age, as each of these 5 songs take the most barebones and essential facets of house and shrouds them in a cloak of contemporary production, attitudes, and overall creative weight. The ever-consistent grooving drum loops are here in droves, along with the eclectic soul sampling and atmospheric synths and pads alike. These facets lay the groundwork in such a baseline manner for the rest of the project’s defining features to embellish upon, as such offerings like “Give It 2 Me” and “Every Waking Moment” present them in with such a homage-based approach and with the utmost confidence as well.

But the project truly shines brightest when taking in its modernized aspects from a conceptual level. With a visual narrative centered around computerized text readouts of keygen codes and the like, the entire project saturates itself in this web-based demeanor that is ever-so-reminiscent of how so many current-day individuals were even able to get hip to this era of house in the first place. These unfounded torrents and files alike currently serve as the modern gateway to this genre as a whole, and this project in particular is the inevitable resulting product of that very influence in full effect.

That overarching concept makes such breathtaking offerings like “Now” and “Without U” so appealing in their own right; the music is traditionally and structurally sound, but the contemporary and self-aware take that the entire experience brings with it adds credence to these song’s somewhat advanced facets in the process. And that is not even mentioning the opening “One For Me,” which stands for all that has been previously discussed while simultaneously serving as one of the most blatantly flawless dance tracks to be released this year whatsoever.

That notion truly extends to the entire EP as a whole, as Daze and Dirty Bird did more than enough to cement their place as absolute purveyors of modern house while simply coming through with one of the most pitch-perfect musical experiences that has come to drop this year, regardless of genre.