If it wasn’t evident after his performance at Summer Smash last month, DC The Don is a bona fide star.

Becoming a 2023 XXL Freshman (more importantly, a FAN-voted freshman), boasting main stage festival slots at Rolling Loud and Summer Smash, touring with Eem Triplin, $NOT and Night Lovell all amid the release of FUNERAL  this past May is a divine sign for the Milwaukee-born rapper — letting haters fuel his fire on “STOP HATING” (July 13).

DC’s ability to rap and sing simultanouesly is just part of the reason why he’s so versatile, but on “STOP HATING,” he spits flames over a menacing, triumphant beat courtesy of producers Charger and Phoenix. Talking on those who doubted him on his ascent to stardom, the synth-infused, horn-heavy production showcases a pocket the new wave trendsetter has built a cult fan base on. Hopping back in his rap bag, “STOP HATING” is a call to arms for Donny, whose blazing bars translate exceedingly well in the body shop-set visual — speeding off in a fast car with his black puffer jacket whipping in the wind.

DC has alluded to four albums dropping in the future, excluding his forthcoming FUNERAL deluxe which is where “STOP HATING” should live. With teased projects like Stop Being So Nice, The Rumors Are True, WISCONSIN and his “next album” REBIRTH, Donny aims to make his run — and name — unforgettable for years to come.

Watch “STOP HATING” below!