DC Dahmer – [DC the Don]

Ever since I first tapped in with DC the Don, he quickly became one of my all-time favorite rising talents. Even with so much success this early in his career, the wildest thing about him is the fact that he seemingly hasn’t even scratched the surface of his full potential. If you’re looking for a rapper with a unique blend of appealing melodies and diabolical rhymes, DC should be your go-to emcee. Hailing from Milwaukee, the 23-year-old talent has been making waves in the music industry since he first took the scene by storm back in 2018 with his DC DAHMER effort. Now, in 2023, he’s re-released the album and offering two new tracks to give both his day one fans and new followers a look at his past.

The project, which was originally released on SoundCloud on Halloween in 2018, is a captivating representation of DC’s expanding sonic gift. The tape’s aesthetics make it clear why it was absolutely necessary to drop on Halloween a few years back, but at the same time, it’s not all chilling cadences and scary movie mentions. I say this because the project also shows off his melodic side, much like the majority of his brand-new releases seem to do.

Normally I don’t write about re-releases, but I made an exception because this one actually features two entirely new tracks. The first one is called “Mood Swings!,” a graceful and genuine record produced by Trademark. The second original track is “LSD Freestyle” which boasts a guitar-forward instrumental that fits impeccably well with the previously released songs.

This release is just the latest in a long line of new music early in the year. In January, he released the unbelievably artistic tape SACRED HEART (+). Now, he’s getting ready to tour again with numerous festival performances and the Get Busy Or Die Tour with $NOT and Night Lovell.

With all of this happening, he hasn’t even come close to forgetting about his third album, FUNERAL, which will hopefully be out sooner than later. DC the Don is one of the very best and most versatile emcees in the game, so make sure you get in tune with a little bit of his new stuff while enjoying classics that you fell in love with early on in his career on DC Dahmer.