DayCare – [K Suave]

The career that Trippie Redd has built for himself seriously exceeded any and all expectations I ever had for him from the very beginning, but what I love to see is when an artist builds a strong team around himself because that always seems to go much further than others who try to do things on their own.

Although I may not be as familiar with the rest of Trippie’s 1400 crew, I have become slightly familiar with K Suave, another Ohio-born emcee who has been working his way up the ranks in recent memory, and while I haven’t quite tapped in with him as much as I would’ve liked, I knew as soon as I saw that he secured a DotComNirvan music video for his latest song “DayCare”, he was the real deal.

This one has an instrumental that is as blithe, free-flowing, and easygoing as ever, and Suave makes sure to match this vibe effortlessly as his lyrics just pour off of his tongue and into the world. There isn’t a single moment in this one where he seems to get ahead of himself or try and go above the naturally easygoing aesthetic of this record, and I think the music video serves a very similar purpose.

Nirvan never disappoints, with this being no exception, and with a mixture of clean drone shots, vibrant animations, and breathtaking sceneries, it is always so unbelievably captivating to me when I see him piece together such remarkable visuals each and every time. K Suave is definitely working his way up the rungs of the industry, and I think that “DayCare” is only going to propel him even higher, so make sure you don’t sleep and check it out whenever you get the chance.