David Shine Gives Us Comedy Gold In Project “Slow N*gga Melodies”

Multi-faceted entertainer David Shine is making a name for himself with comedy and music. As a New York native, his viral hilarious social media content got into the hands of entertainment icon Nick Cannon, leading him to be a cast member on MTV’s Wild’ N Out season 14. The celebrated comedian and rapper known for his laughable comedy sketches recently released his first comedy rap album, “Slow N*gga Melodies.” The project is a collection of many humorous tracks that consists of David’s goofy brand of humor, which you’ll soon realize by the title tracks “Long Back Shorty” and “Dusty.” With dusty having a hilarious video that’s out now and as well as an anticipated release of “Long Back Shorty.” If you have been following David Shine for a while, you can expect a lot of good laughs from this comical but noteworthy project.

“I was trying to make more than just a joke song. I wanted to showcase my song-making ability. I don’t think I’m the greatest rapper but I can 100% make a song. I always tell people being able to rap and being able to make a song are two different things. I wanted to showcase that I can make good songs but I’m funny at the same time. I’m a comedian first and a rapper second.” he said.

We can expect to hear more from David Shine as he’s making a name-capturing comedy fans alike. Check out his project “Slow’ N*gga Melodies” below.