“Dani Banks” – [NWG Suave]

With a string of summer releases, former NFL-er Damon Arnette (NWG Suave) has showcased his natural talent for rap, garnering recognition beyond just his days as a baller. His latest release, “Dani Banks,” is a catchy track and accompanying music video/skit responding to comments made by the entertainer whom the song was named after. The track is a testament to NWG Suave’s ability to capitalize off buzz and stay consistent with his releases. Produced by DJ Kid, the beat is catchy, providing Suave with exactly the type of foundation necessary for a hit track.

The controversy surrounding “Dani Banks” has only boosted its entertainment factor, and the song and video’s provocative nature just add to it. The collective response remains uncertain, but it’s clear that Suave will continue to be a topic of conversation. His journey from the NFL to the music scene has been anything but seamless, not only raising eyebrows but also growing him a musical fan base as well. While many former athletes have ventured into the world of entertainment, Suave’s unique blend of celebrity and musical ability makes him one to keep tabs on in the future. Watch “Dani Banks” on YouTube below!