Dangerous – [ScHoolboy Q] x [Kid Cudi]

ScHoolboy Q took a commanding surge back into the rap game with his most recent album CrasH Talk, with the album itself and several of the tracks inside soaring to the top of hip-hop charts on multiple different sites. One of the most popular tracks among the album was “Dangerous,” which features the larger-than-life figure Kid Cudi.

Though the song was one of my favorites of the album, the visual to go along with it that released earlier today is one of the more prominent and lasting ones I’ve seen yet this year. It features Schoolboy and a fellow actor laying low in their Chevy sedan, waiting to pull up on an enemy. It’s unclear why they’re pulling up, but nevertheless the two leave the car, pistols on their side and execute a man walking down the alley with his back turned to them. As ScHoolboy and the accomplice jump back in the getaway car following the execution and speed off, a title page appears saying, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Immediately following the title page comes a scene with Chevy speeding off from an aerial view, and another black sedan pulling up next to them with a shooter in the passenger seat, who returns the favor and fires rounds into both of their bodies and killing them.

“Family tried to warn me couldn’t keep me away.” I somehow have to think these lyrics of the song relate to the video and the inability for many to keep away from the streets – and the misfortune that ensues when lives are taken and revenge is sought.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I clicked on this video today, but it’s one of the more thought-provoking, intriguing visuals I’ve seen in quite some time. What more would you expect from the genius that is ScHoolboy Q?

Watch “Dangerous” below!

Video directed by Alexandre Moors