Dangerookipawaa Freestyle – [Ab-Soul]

Although Top Dawg Entertainment’s line-up is absolutely stacked, Ab-Soul consistently stands out as one of, if not the very best, lyricists on the roster. TDE has managed to accumulate a variety of extremely talented artists ranging from gangster rappers to intricate lyricists to R&B legends, and they are typically able to share the wealth among many of their talents. Although Soul has been very quiet when it comes to releasing his own solo music for quite some time now, I’m sure he’s been playing a part in helping other artists prepare and elevate their own offerings considering his veteran status within the label.

I’m so excited to say that his nearly 4-year silence has come to an end today with his latest song entitled “Dangerookipawaa Freestyle”. The beat sounds like a sample comprised of pulsating synths, an erratic saxophone, and some classic percussion. Soul’s voice is just smooth and slick on this jazzy-sounding instrumental. You can tell simply by his energy just how invested he is in this one track, penning an absolutely incredible song full of wordplay and masterful deliveries. Although it might have been 4 years since his last individual effort, he hasn’t slowed down in the slightest when it comes to his intricate and respectable bars. One thing I completely admire and enjoy about this track is the fact that he really doesn’t try and spit rapid-fire words like some rappers do when they feel like they need to stand out or prove something to music listeners. He rather opts for an almost overly annunciated delivery for his lines containing multiple double entendres and rhyme schemes unlike anyone else in the industry is capable of.

It seems as if rappers in the current state of Hip-Hop try and spit these quick bars in order to cover up their lack of lyricism which is yet another reason why I enjoy Ab so much. He knows he’s got an abundance of skills and doesn’t want his words to get overshadowed because he has to squeeze so many phrases into each bar. With that being said, his flow isn’t novice or boring in the slightest. He emphasizes certain words throughout, picking up the pace and slowing down during certain portions and demonstrates just what it takes to be considered one of the top spitters not only on your label, but in the entire industry. Although it’s hard to highlight the topics he talks about because he offers a massive spectrum, he does provide phrases including insane similes comparing himself to other legends, destroying the beat with his lyrical prowess, and how he is more creative than the majority of his competition, which is more than evident on this song alone if you didn’t notice that by the end of the first verse already.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s about time Soulo gets his time to shine in the spotlight once again. His labelmates have been taking off and while everyone knows just how insanely talented Ab-Soul is, he goes widely underappreciated considering his skill level. There are rumors floating around that we’ll finally have a new project from the Carson, California rapper before this year comes to a close, but nothing has been confirmed so until that happens, it’ll remain a rumor. This new single bodes well, however, for an upcoming album or at least provides hope that we’ll be receiving at least a few more loosies in the near future. While we wait with bated breath to see what the next move is for Ab-Soul, check out his latest song “Dangerookipawaa Freestyle”.