Danger – [Gogo.]

It’s hard to describe the subtle differences that make one record stand out more than another but one listen of Gogo’s newly released single, “Danger,” will quickly put the aforementioned confusion to rest. The Hip Hop and R&B hybrid style of the multifaceted artist is chock-full of that indescribable quality that warrants such high replay value. This record is for those willing to put in some extra time to be treated to something extra special.

Opened by building jazz instrumentation, Gogo’s latest release utilizes the entirety of the five-minute duration. Not a single second is wasted on the self-produced track, relying on lush brass, driving bass lines and electrifying chords that add an emotional accent to the lustful showcasing. Gogo, although typically more Hip Hop leaning, finds his voice in this new release by treating listeners to a silk-lined melodic flow that details just how dangerous his new-found love is. Rather than allow the infectious style of the songs drum patterns to play the predominant role in the production, Gogo layers his drums with a striking set of electrically singed chords that breathe a new element of life into the record. Do not expect the rest of the year to continue without seeing Gogo’s name a few times.

Listen to “Danger” by Gogo. below.