One of the best songs you’ll hear all week is by an artist who goes by the name of Gidi. When the week starts, I’m always eager to dive in to new releases and so far, this is the one that has stood out to me the most. Gidi is a talented Baltimore native who now calls Los Angeles home as he’s pursuing his dream in music. Most people do this, but when you listen to Gidi’s discography, it’s apparent that these aren’t just hopes and dreams; but rather, a reality that Gidi is close to attaining.

This new offering that’s getting featured on our page today is his latest song called, “Damned” and it might be my favorite song that he’s dropped to this day. From the moment it starts, there is an ambience that is created through the production that will snatch all of your attention. From their, Gidi’s vocals and harmonies create a space for listeners to fall in love with the entire piece.

This is just a really smooth song and it makes me so happy that I get the chance to cover art like this. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!