DAMN WELL – [Xavier Wulf] & [Quintin Lamb]

Late last year, Xavier Wulf teamed up with hitmaking phenomenon Quintin Lamb to create their collaborative project RUDE DOG together, and the results were exactly how you’d expect them to be. With a mixture of ruthless bars, assaulting lyrics, thumping instrumentals, and aggressive deliveries, this was a project that I think went much more under the radar than it ever should have, but real fans know exactly what everyone else is missing out on. It honestly doesn’t seem like it came out that long ago considering I still revisit it quite frequently and it holds up magnificently, making it an album that I don’t see myself forgetting about anytime soon.

Luckily, they decided to keep their momentum going by revisiting one of my favorite cuts off of the project entitled “DAMN WELL” to shoot an awesome new music video. While they don’t get too crazy with the scenery or using different shots, it does everything it needed to do and more, so I’m happy with the end result. The majority of the time, X is just hanging out next to one of his cars inside what seems to be a portal of lights that almost make it look as if he’s traveling to another dimension or something like that. While it’s no secret that Xavier absolutely loves cars if you follow him on social media, his affection is showcased here as well as various different scenes show off a couple of different vehicles.

Aside from this, there are a ton of different effects used throughout that truly elevate this video to a level I wasn’t expecting, so I’m definitely pleased with the end result. At the end of the day, I’m just beyond happy that Xavier and Quintin decided to team up once more to continue the legacy of their song “DAMN WELL” off of their collaborative project RUDE DOG, so make sure you check it out below as soon as you find some time.