Daddy – [So Loki]

Vancouver’s iconic rapper-producer are known for their larger than life online persona’s and a steady stream of hits over the past few years. For the longest time, they have been cruelly teasing their eager fanbase with the release of Planet Bando 2 which fans figured was locked away wherever they are keeping Eternal Atake hostage. With the release of “Daddy”, it seems as if we are edging closer to the project finally being set free.

The energy on this one is turned all the way up with a thumpin bass provided by Geoff, who handles all production for So Loki. The ferocious nature of this track is matched by Sam, the emcee of the duo, as he serves up some of his wittiest bars to date. Something the pair does not lack is chemistry, being that they have tirelessly worked together on their sound the beat is aggressive but allow’s Sam to go all over the place changing his style of delivery multiple times throughout the track.

Stream “Daddy” on below!