Daddy Issues – [Pouya]

Pouya’s unforgettable FIVE FIVE tape was a huge release for the South Florida emcee and today, he has given second-wind to the standout record Daddy Issues with an incredibly-animated video to compliment the track. With help from the current go-to animator in hip-hop known as Tristan Zammit, the cartoon depiction see’s Pouya approaching a girl on the dancefloor before things get really weird. With his compadre Fat Nick looking on, Pouya’s girl then transforms into a Pokemon-looking beast before Pouya ultimately does the same and goes toe-to-toe with the creature. This all might sound pretty out there, but was there really a better way to bring the Mikey The Magician-produced record to life cartoon versions of Pouya, Fat Nick, and battling Pokemon-looking things? I’ll let you be the judge but for now, check out the visual for Daddy Issues and leave us your feedback in the comments below!

Animations: Tristan Zammit (@tristious)