D. Savage continues his hot streak with “Lost and Found.”

If you read my posts often enough you’ll know I’m an avid D. Savage supporter. I’ve really always messed with his music dating back to his 2016 viral Vine days, but as his career has progressed, he’s steadily found a way into my library more and more. This especially was amplified after I saw him live at Summer Smash 2022, when he had one of the most fun, interactive, and energetic shows I’ve seen at the festival. Since then, he’s released a plethora of music, culminating with his recent project Mafia Musik which has done incredible numbers. On top of that, his music videos, interviews and other internet appearances have only amplified his name and image, especially from the viewers of his fanbase. He’s truly dedicated to his craft and creating a community, and you can see it with the consistency in his releases and creative content – which is the case with his newest drop in a single and accompanying video for “Lost & Found.”

A fiery song that showcases what D. Savage does best, this track is one that reminds me of so many of his other heaters that have become favorites of mine. Drawn out tones, layered vocals, and extremely catchy hooks and one-liners are the facets of his artistry that have me and so many other listeners hooked, and it’s on full display with this one. The visual produced by Inland Films isn’t anything extravagant in terms of the scene selection, but the cinematic/creative effects make this a hell of a music video. Quick cuts, flashy transitions, and exceptional lens effects make this one that’ll play continuously for me.

Check out the latest from D. Savage in “Lost & Found,” on YouTube below!