D.M.B. – [A$AP Rocky]

I think it is a pretty well-known fact at this point that A$AP Rocky is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, and while I often notice so many people take their eye off of what got them there in the first place once they start to receive so much shine, I am extremely grateful that Rocky still puts so much thought, time, and effort into his music. I mean, considering he is not only dating Rihanna, but the couple is also about to welcome a child together into this world has news and media outlets raving about them any chance they get.

No matter what happens, it seems like Rocky has his focus on his career and his relationship with RiRi, and as long as he continues to release insanely good music like his brand-new song “D.M.B.”, I couldn’t ask for anything else. With production from Rocky, Skepta, Hector Delgado, Kelvin Krash, and Shlohmo as well as some background vocals from A$AP Ferg, this song is as tranquil, trippy, and compelling as I could have hoped.

As far as the Self-directed music video for Rocky’s AWGE collective, this is maybe the first time ever that I have seen a visual where the artist themselves doesn’t seem to be the main character because he decides to sacrifice most of his time in the spotlight for Rihanna, who plays a major role in this flick. No matter where they go, Rocky shows his love and affection for his girl, showing up at the hair salon just as quickly as she shows up to bust him out of jail.

While this love story is told in such a unique and fantastic way, the only thing people have been talking about is the moment where A$AP smiles, revealing grills that ask Rihanna to marry him, with a set of grills of her own responding with “I do”. After a ceremony and everything takes place during the video, fans have been speculating if this could seriously be the real deal or not, so check it out for yourself, and if it ends up being an actual marriage, congrats to the happy couple!