D.C.’s JG Riff releases new self-titled project “Riff.”

I first heard and wrote about DMV’s JG Riff a short time ago with his standout track “Gangsta Music.” Since then, that track (as well as his Joony-featured banger “Lights Off”) has been repeated several times in my library, further building excitement for his upcoming project release in Riff. 

I’m always searching for a “different” sound, and this project is just that. His raspy delivery still finds a way to exude a calming feel, which draws me to his work the most.

Riff tells a story, starting with the ultra-transparent track “Riffy,” which set the standard for what was to come. Standout pieces like “Ride Wit Da Drizzy” and “Za Morant” will surely be audience favorites, and “Get More” is mine, personally.

The young D.C. emcee impressed me with this cohesive piece, and his 40+M total streams will surely balloon with this project. His recent partnership with United Masters should only help that number inflate. Stream it on Spotify below!