Cut Me In – [My Favorite Color]

Personality goes such a long way with me in the music business, because that’s something that you either have or don’t have. You can learn all the technical skills or get a stylist to put you in the trendiest clothes, but being your own individualistic person is simply not something that is teachable, and you can pick out fabricated personas from a mile away. Of course, I’m not hating on those that aren’t the most outgoing, unique people in the world, but I just think that standing out from the rest of the bunch and giving fans a reason beyond music to want to support you is something that can help solidify a following more than the run of the mill emcee.

Pittsburgh’s very own My Favorite Color is literally the textbook example of someone who has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it, and while this is what initially drew me in in the first place, it was his unmatched aptitudes and off-the-wall approach to his music that has kept me coming back for more. “Cut Me In” is the title of his brand-new record and considering most of his singles come with equally appealing music videos, I was admittedly a little upset that this one didn’t, but I think MFC has spoiled us, and with a song this incredible, my slight disappointment turned into joy once again in the blink of an eye.

The Garrett Hunter-produced track is much more mellow and calm than some of his other, more vibrant songs, but I love this because it demonstrates that he doesn’t always have to be bouncing off the walls or pulsating with energy in order to give us an amazing single. Instead, he just lays back and lets his soul speak which results in a chill, entrancing melodic delivery that is exactly what I needed on a dreary, rainy day like the one we’re experiencing here today in Chicago. My Favorite Color can seriously do it all, and while I used to think this was true, my thoughts are becoming more and more validated by the day as he keeps pushing out releases that expand and solidify his spot in this industry.