Cut Me In – [My Favorite Color]

Although I’m about to say what I’m about to say, hear me out and keep reading to understand why I’m typing these words: My Favorite Color ruined music for me. To embellish on what I mean by this statement, the Los Angeles-born Pittsburgh-raised emcee is just too creative, forward-thinking, and enthralling that it makes almost any other emcee out there feel like a normal, run-of-the-mill person. MFC’s out-of-the-box style of creation has led to countless hits that get better and more intriguing as additional music comes out on his end, and he is never afraid to push the limits or try something new.

While he is known for his undeniably entertaining personality and remarkable rap skills, when he dropped his Garrett Hunter-produced song “Cut Me In” a few weeks back, I was caught off guard because it was so much more melodic and tranquil than most of the other records that I have heard from him, but I loved this change of pace as he seized the opportunity to double down on his versatility. In the article I originally wrote about this track, I had mentioned how I was slightly let down that there wasn’t a music video paired with the song like many of his other releases.

I’m not sure if he saw my disappointment or already had plans in motion, but I was over the moon when I saw that he did in fact drop a visual the other day, and it’s even more perfect than I could expect. Taking place in the woods, MFC hits play on an old-school stereo, releasing a wave of vibrancy as he looks up to a tree house full of mannequins as if he’s beckoning them to invite him up. When he does get up there, he seems to pour his heart out to these still figurines, using his time as a sort of therapy appointment to get his emotions out on the table.

The symbolism is amazing, though, because he uses this as a way to show how he feels when he’s with someone he’s into, and how there is nothing more he can do to get feedback or have honest discussions about the relationship because they don’t seem to show any sort of emotion back to him. This plays along with the song’s narrative impeccably well, and once again proves how he is in a lane of his own with music and videos that blow most other artists’ releases out of the water completely.