CUT EM IN – [Anderson .Paak] ft. [Rick Ross]

Back in August when Anderson .Paak recruited Rick Ross for his song “CUT EM IN”, I was intrigued and instantly drawn in. Not only because I’m a big fan of both artists, but also because they typically have slightly different styles so I wanted to see how they worked together and what kind of magic they would bring to life. Insert Hit-Boy, the prolific hitmaker, to make the beat, and I already knew that this was going to be insane. Not only was my anticipation and prediction correct, but it was also announced to be a song off of the soundtrack for the brand-new Madden game this year. Both artists went crazy and brought some incredible talents to the party, but the fact that .Paak was able to show off his singing, rapping, and drum talents all in one place isn’t a surprise, but it’s always a welcome addition to any song.

As for the brand-new video, Anderson decided to show off even more skills by getting in the director’s chair and knocking this job out of the park as well. Both talents take their skills back to a high school-themed plot as the visual opens up on them sitting in class. Anderson chucks a football at the teacher, who is played by the hilarious King Bach, prompting him to turn around in pain as he makes some witty jokes and investigates who the person that threw the ball was.

As the bell rings and the rest of the class rushes out, Bach keeps the two artists and tells them that although it’s comically their twelfth year in school, they just need to get through the last day of school without any trouble. As he dismisses the duo, Ross makes a wise remark about his shoes before exiting the room, leading us to Anderson taking over the loudspeaker and starting the song after making a closing speech to the school. As the guitar-heavy beat begins, the camera takes us to the lunchroom as students get rowdy in the background while Anderson unpacks his brown bag lunch. Soon after, Ross comes to the rescue with two giant bags of Wing Stop, bringing an even larger smile to Anderson’s face.

When the beat drops, Anderson is on a bench press struggling to get the bar off of his chest. As his legs flail, Ross casually makes his way over to assist his counterpart, lifting the bar with one arm with ease. Next, Anderson takes us to the football bleachers where he sits and recites his bars with some assistance in the form of dance from some backup dancers spread in a V formation behind him before getting to the gym and taking center stage of the school marching band, going crazy on the drums the only way he knows how.

When Rosay comes in for his verse, he heads to the hallway where he’s joined by some additional background dancers as he walks through the corridor. Finally, all the students rush to the gym in a frenzy to make it on time for a wild and chaotic pep rally led by the two talents. Confetti rains down from the ceiling as the entire school goes nuts in the stands. Certain scenes show some animations that further emphasize the lyrics that are being recited, but other than this, the visual is kept relatively clean while still being elevated by the lively crowds that are seen throughout.

Especially considering this song was included in Madden 21, the high school jock-inspired outfits, and themes that are being shown throughout definitely fit the part and assist the track flawlessly. Aside from all the incredible talent that is seen and heard throughout, Anderson even closes out the video with a real-life drum performance where he goes off the rails incredibly as the credits roll, and he proves that he can be the life of the party even when the cameras aren’t intending him to be. Rick Ross is as smooth as ever and his buttery demeanor pairs seamlessly with Anderson’s lively, energetic disposition, so the duo is definitely a pair that I hope to see work more with one another in the future. Whether you’ve become a fan of this song through Madden or not, make sure you check out the brand-new music video for “CUT EM IN” as soon as you can and join in on the party.