Cursed – [Frais]

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by the moniker of Frais is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new mixtape titled “Cursed”. I got word from my homie Jake that I should check out this project so today I made sure to take out thirty minutes in order to give it my upmost attention, and after running though the track list a couple of times through, and he really put together a great collection of songs here. He provided hard hitting records such as “Bandos” and the outro featuring Lil Gnar & Germ, but he also switched it up a bit in tracks like “Dying” that had a slower tempo & a introspective vibe. I have been noticing a ton of new talent coming out of Charlotte like DaBaby & RonSoCold to name a couple, but Frais is looking to be one of the new leaders of his community in the near future, keep an eye out for him and press play below!