Current – [Jonah Ward]

Charlotte, North Carolina singer/songwriter Jonah Ward follows up his vastly popular single “False Confidence” with a new single entitled “Currents.” With this single Jonah continues his progressive pop and left of center approach on his records. This single is an exploration of unrequited love and serves as an encouraging next step in what direction Ward’s music career will be headed. Like on “False Confidence” with “Current” Jonah wrote and produced both of these singles in his home studio during the COVID-19 lockdown. While only being 17 Jonah has been exploring a cross-section of influences to create a sound that is unique and discernable to him. If you’ve never checked out one of his Instagram lives you should. He was arguing with his parents to see if country was real music and he made a country song the next day as a joke and it sounded incredible. Witnessing things like show you have immensely talented this kid is.

Stream and check out Jonah Ward’s new single “Current” for yourself below.