Curious – [Stacy Money]

Jersey rapper Stacy Money has blessed our pages with a number of dope singles in the past, and today, he’s here to take the spotlight yet again with a brand new offering entitled “Curious”. Produced by JaySplaSh, this hard-hitting offering acts as a perfect testament to the melodic style that Stacy seems to bring to the table with such unrivaled ease. His vocals arrive with a loosely-fit flow, emphasizing the effortless style that the young artist is able to communicate in an intoxicating fashion, as he holds a considerable amount of potential as a hit machine. “Curious” is just the right anthem to back this claim up, and in this light, the track is inarguably destined to run up the numbers as time goes on. That being said, Stacy Money is a name that you won’t want to forget about as the year progresses, so be sure to invest in his stocks early and listen to “Curious” at the link below!