Cup Full – [Jay Safari]

Florida native Jay Safari has once again showcased his unmistakable talent with the release of his latest single “Cup Full”.

Complemented by its slow version, the new single offers fans a refreshing change of pace and reverb to the original track. With its polished R&B beats and shimmering vocals, “Cup Full” captures feelings of longing and vulnerability, while exploring the inebriated mind of someone whose affection isn’t reciprocated. Particularly expressive in the infectious hook, “I feel your body right on top of mine — just a little bit — so promiscuous, why don’t you just stay a while?” Safari’s sharp lyrics and Florida flair paired with an R&B sound reminiscent of The Neptunes, make “Cup Full” an unforgettable listen.

While “Cup-Full” may introduce many (like myself) to Safari’s music, longtime fans will recall the waves he made with his breakout single “Dance.” This TikTok-viral cut (which hails from his November 2022 album ‘Bad Decisions’) embodied the Central Florida vibe and set the stage for Safari’s emerging presence in the game. Standout tracks from ‘Bad Decisions’ such as “Too Hot,” “East Side Party,” and “Tattoos” further solidify Jay Safari’s artistry, blending classic and contemporary R&B elements seamlessly.

For those hyped by the energy of “Dance,” inspired by the vibes of ‘Bad Decisions,’ or newcomers to Jay’s sonic “safari,” “Cup-Full” offers another rich layer to his arsenal — abundant in personality and finesse.