Crystals – [Carl] [Taylor Bennett]



Wow, just wow. Nu Tribe’s very own, Taylor Bennett, and Carl from Supreme Regime team up on their first track together, and I hope it’s not the last. Once I heard they were in the studio together I knew it was going to be a hit, and I happened to be right. Both of the young Chicago MC’s deliver their verses with a hot flow over the slow paced, and you can almost say, creepy sounding, beat. Carl’s verse was short as he started off with his regular slow flow which I’m a fan of, yet he sped it up for a few seconds which I found a liking for. Carl definitely brought heat to this track though, “Miley Cyrus, can get it I promise…”. I also enjoyed the ad-libs throughout the song which seem to sound like¬†Jessiath, who’s also a member of the Supreme Regime. It was interesting to hear Taylor have to slow it down, as he’s usually speed racin’ through every bar. Bennett states in his verse that he is wondering when he will get big, and I, as well any other person with an ear for talent, would say that time is coming very soon.

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