Crypto – [Takeoff] ft. [Rich the Kid]

There is no denying the massive empire that the Migos have built, going from the trap house to the penthouse over the last decade or so, but it definitely seems like they’re typically stronger as a unit than they are independently. Don’t get me wrong, I think that they’re totally talented individually, but when you look at the chart-topping hits that they’ve created as a group, that totally outnumbers the hits they have made on their own.

Regardless, each member is as talented as the next with obvious strengths that help them work with one another so well, and considering Takeoff is my favorite emcee of the trio, I had to tap in with his latest song “Crypto” which features Rich the Kid. Produced by DJ Durel, 808iden, and Melee, we are given a familiarly mysterious melody that comes equipped with chattering hats and punchy drums, giving these two hitmakers the perfect base to build off of.

Takeoff is as smooth as he always is, utilizing his constantly innovative flows to his advantage while boasting a super smooth and unbeaten delivery that I could seriously listen to for days on end. Rick comes in for the second verse, starting with some of his own trademark energy before actually diversifying his cadence as well, showing off a few different styles that I definitely think breathed new life into the record.

I honestly don’t really understand the first thing about cryptocurrency, and still don’t after listening to this record, but I know that it’s the newest way of flexing on the rest, and if there is any duo that is known for their braggadocious lifestyles, it’s these two icons, making “Crypto” a must-listen as well as the Rich Porter-directed music video an essential watch as well.