Cry Me a River – [David Lee] x [Jay Gwuapo]

The New York product and Republic Records member David Lee is back with a brand new project Way of Vol. 1, and one of his most noticeable tracks comes with fellow New Yorker Jay Gwuapo in their new piece, “Cry Me a River.” They take a sample from one of Justin Timberlake’s classics and add their own East Coast flavor to create a masterful song in which Lee sings remorselessly of relationship issues. “You had a n***a that was good to you, did anything that he could for you, now you really down bad, tryna get me back, girl you wish you could.”

Lee’s style and themes mesh perfectly with those of Jay Gwuapo who is also known for similar motifs. Gwuapo comes into the track vibrantly with uptempo lines of frustration that accompany Lee’s methods ideally. The two share qualities of distinct vocals that separate themselves and blur the lines between different hip-hop sub-genres that will continue to allow them to expand their audience and elevate their success.

Stream “Cry Me a River” below!

This song was produced by RubiRosa