The Crown Genre “Diary Of Hip Hop Vol 1” – [BeFlow]

When I met BeFlow, I can honestly say I didn’t expect him to be able to rap, let alone rap well. But I was wrong, BeFlow’s debut project, The Crown Genre, is an ode to real hip hop and easygoing instrumentals. He tells of being a black man in america and finding his place in this world. He realizes that there aren’t many conscious individuals around him. So, throughout the tape he explores goals and thought process. His sound, production-wise, isn’t very special (he’s much better over original content) but BeFlow definitely adds his own flavor to every song he touches. “Them bangas in the club make you turn up in the party. My reply is that my artistry is starving,” is a line that probably defines this tape perfectly. If you’ve been looking for real hip hop and looking to hear a growing artist, check out BeFlow’s mixtape and let us know what you think. ¬†Stream it HERE.