Crimson – [Aidan]

As most of us know by now, there’s a distinct difference between an artist we should deem as a “TikTok artist” and an artist who just so happens to find success posting on TikTok. Time has taught us this pretty intuitive concept and today we can apply the latter category to our special guest as we welcome one of the most promising acts I’ve had the honor of covering on the Lyrical Lemonade site. 

In comes rising U.K. pop/alt artist, Aidan, who I was fortunate enough to scroll past on my FYP just a few weeks ago while he was previewing his unreleased song, “Crimson”. Although my Gen Z-driven instinct is often to continue on my way to the next video, there was immediately something strikingly different about Aidan which stopped me right in my tracks – his creative intention. Unlike some who are desperately begging for views, Aidan was off building his world in the best way he knew how (visually and musically) and let his art speak for itself on the platform. A clear indicator of a true artist, it only took a bit more digging before I realized that Aidan was not just special, but a one of one talent who very well could be the needle in the haystack that we’ve all been looking for. 

Fast forward to today and that unreleased song Aidan was once previewing, now stands as his fastest growing single to date and another gold star he can add to his 2023 résumé which is stacked with 5 features on Jam City’s album, “Jam City Presents EFM”, and his debut EP, “And It Was All For Love”. Entitled, “Crimson”, the new single flourishes in every which way as Aidan captures listeners with his angsty storytelling, gritty vocal delivery, and eerie production (brought to us by none other than Mont Jake). An imaginative tune about a treacherous partner that controls Aidan’s desires despite him knowing her potential threat, “Crimson” should be taken as a lesson which ultimately “ends in pain”. Hoisting a fitting title to represent the metaphorical bloodshed in this emotion-filled battle, the song showcases the depths of Aidan’s creative genius as he mixes his witty intellect and storytelling with the theatrical influence of an artist like Prince and commercial appeal of a present day pop star such as The Weeknd. 

Although I could go on and on about how great this song is, I feel it’s best that I leave it up to you all to make your own judgment as I’ve already made it clear where I stand with Aidan and “Crimson”. A well-refined renaissance man who I envision one day gracing stages all around the globe, this guy is the truth and it’s finally time for our readers to know exactly that!