Creepy Nightmare – [(Sic)boy] ft. [Lil Aaron]

Music is something that never fails to surprise and impress me, and I feel like I learn something new about this industry every single day, which helps me become even closer to this form of expression, and that’s something I’ll be forever grateful for. While Lil Aaron has always been one of my favorites, I find out about new artists through him all the time, with (Sic)boy being the most recent talent he put me onto.

After doing some digging, I found out that he is one of the first artists to bring J-rock, otherwise known as Japanese rock, together with hip-hop, much like Aaron did with punk rock and hip-hop in the United States. While J-rock seems to have similar sounds as its American relative, it works just as well with hip-hop as its American cousin, so when I saw Aaron and (Sic) team up for their song “Creepy Nightmare”, the results were just as amazing as I expected.

I also didn’t realize that the music video was directed by Daniel Jordan K and his Overcast team, so you already know it’s a visual you need in your life. Opening up, (Sic) is surrounded by a rough and tumble-looking band inside of a ransacked warehouse full of smoke and caution tape, giving us a vibe that fits extremely well with the song itself. All of these opening scenes are shown in black and white, and the first glimpse of color we see comes when Lil Aaron makes his entrance into this miniature movie.

When this happens, Aaron finds himself inside of a room full of colors, patterns, and intricate shapes that add an amazing change-up that is eventually coupled with more black and white shots when (Sic) comes back in. In fact, my favorite part of this video is the very clearly defined scenes that work together so incredibly well, it’s hard to even begin to find anything negative to say about this visual. With that being said, the video for “Creepy Nightmare” by (Sic)boy and Lil Aaron is the song and visual you need in your life sooner rather than later, so make sure you check it out below as soon as you can.