Creep Wit Me – [Emilio Rojas]

As the music industry is constantly evolving, by the day it seems, there is one thing that will always remain in people’s hearts: the love for classic hip-hop. No matter where the rap genre goes and what sound it evolves into, we will always have a soft spot for those classic records that came before us. One of the most iconic records by two legendary acts would be “Twinz” by Fat Joe and the late Big Pun. While many of us did not grow up in that era of rap, we can recall many memories of listening to this song on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Modernizing classic songs is something a lot of people have done or tried to do, but not many can do it successfully. That being said, NY-based artist Emilio Rojas takes the challenge in his hands and executes it perfectly. Here is “Creep Wit Me”!

Emilio Rojas was born in Rochester and moved around to various other cities within New York. Being born in the city where hip-hop originated, he would begin to pull inspiration from the greats that were also born there and began to form his own unique style. Paying homage to Big Pun and Fat Joe, Emilio raps over this DJ Hoppa-produced single to give off that classic energy with a modern vibe on top of it. The beat is reminiscent of the original, and even the song title pulls from the original song; creating a perfect blend of the new school and old school.

When asked about the creation of the record, Emilio says:

One of my favorite moments in Hip-Hop is Big Pun’s flow on ‘Twinz’. As a latino artist, I was really inspired by Pun and Fat Joe coming-up; so I wanted to do that as an homage while also creating something that people can bump”.

Check out Emilio Rojas’ “Creep Wit Me” visual below!