Crazy Luh Year – [815Callaway]

2022 was a wild one for many, especially for local artist 815Callaway. I’ve seen his music in my inbox multiple times over the last few months, but nothing seemed to tap the potential I was hearing until his latest joint “Crazy Luh Year.” With each piece sent, my excitement towards Callaway’s music kept growing, and this track is my favorite of his so far.

His vocal delivery and rhythm are unique, and combining them with a melodic piano instrumental makes for a new style of sound, something that’s becoming more and more accepted in the modern industry. This wavy, catchy track adds to an already solid foundation for Callaway, who’s seen his share of success with over a quarter-million streams on Spotify.

I’m excited to see how 815Callaway builds off this early 2023 momentum. Stream “Crazy Luh Year” on Spotify below!