Crazy Girl – [Bktherula]

You never have to look very hard to find new releases from an Atlanta artist. This speaks volumes of the sonic culture that they’ve built in the Georgia capital just as much as it shows that these artists are always going to do something different and boundary-breaking. One of the most exciting emcees in all of ATL, at least in my opinion, is Bktherula. Ever since I first started listening to her, I have been mesmerized by her range.

She can put out a light, blithe ballad that shows off her melodic vocals and then turn around and put out a trap heater that displays her more aggressive, unapologetic side. It’s also interesting because it’s hard to even tell which style I prefer because she just does such an amazing job with both. In all honesty, this year has been a blur for me with so many new things going on in my life, so I didn’t even realize that she dropped a project in February called LVL5 P1.

It wasn’t until I noticed that she dropped a music video for a cut off of the effort entitled “Crazy Girl” that I familiarized myself with the tape, and it is as awesome as I was hoping. The DaySupreme-produced record is one of Bk’s more ambient, dreamy records, but it is just as incredible as her other, similar offerings, so I am certainly going to be playing this one back again for quite a while.

The music video features direction from Jordan Margolin, taking place in the middle of nowhere on top of a mountain. This is pretty much the only scene, but it is beautiful enough to capture your attention. From there, the dizzying, fuzzy edits incorporated throughout match the shadowy, woozy aesthetic of the track to really tie everything together. Bktherula can’t release a miss in my eyes, so whether you’ve been a longtime fan or are just tuning in, “Crazy Girl” is once again a success that Bk can add to her extensive repertoire of hits!