Crazy-[G Luné]

20-year-old G Luné is an up and coming artist from West Palm Beach, Florida who is making a much deserved appearance on Lyrical Lemonade for her newest offering that is bound to turn some heads. Now living in Los Angeles, the rising star has her eyes set on a successful 2021 and it’s safe to say that she’s right on track to make all of her dreams come true.

Her new song/video called “Crazy” is simply just a vibe. I wish I had other words to to help me explain it, but this one is just too good to explain. The production on this one will not allow you to sit still as it creates an ambience of pure joy. There’s a groove that is very present throughout the entire song that is nothing short of infectious. I’ve spent time replaying and rewinding the video and I can’t pinpoint a specific section that I enjoy over another. Each moment is beautifully crafted which is just a testament to the team involved on this one.

From a vocalist standpoint, G Luné shines super bright. She has an amazing control over her voice while being able to create catchy melodies and harmonies for us to sing along with. She’s a star in the making and this newest song, “Crazy” is further proof of it. I just really enjoyed this one and I know ya’ll will as well. I’ve attached the video down below, so check it out when you can and let us know what you think!