Crazy Crazy Crazy – [24HRS] x [Salma Slims]

24HRS + Salma Slims have been a powerhouse duo when creating music together for a few years now, they have provided us with plenty of bangers in the past, and today they are back with the premiere of their new music video for “Crazy Crazy Crazy”. The chemistry that these two display every time that they grace a song together is undeniable to say the bare minimum, they bounce off each other with such ease and compliment their own respective sounds so well. I have a good feeling that this is a song that you will be hearing in plenty of functions for months to come, especially once more stuff starts opening back up, so you might as well get in tune with it now. Watch this brand new music video below and if you enjoy it then don’t forget to hit that like button on YouTube!

Directed by Matthew Laeng