Crash Out – [Fastmoney Ant]

I feel like not that much. time has passed since I first found out about Chicago’s very own Fastmoney Ant, but I guess he makes moves quickly, and when he makes a statement, you better believe that you’re going to hear about it at some point or another. Since his debut singles “Hawk Em” and “King of Englewood”, the 19-year-old rising talent has received massive co-signs from artists like Gunna and EST Gee as well as fellow Chicago icons like G Herbo and Calboy, just to name a few.

I knew that his potential was uncapped and he was going to do some massive things in the music industry, but I guess what I didn’t realize while listening to those couple of songs was just how quickly he’d make a splash or how loud he would be this early on, so exciting is an understatement if you ask me.  After receiving tons of love from artists, media platforms, and most importantly fans, it was only right that he dropped another hit, so I knew exactly what I was going to listen to heading home from work today when I found out he released his T money, Ceejayy, and Nejjii-produced record “Crash Out”.

In this one, the instrumental boasts rapidly crashing, chattering percussion as well as energetic drums and a melody that brings this track through the roof. In turn, Ant brings all the enthusiasm that he can muster, unleashing vibrant bars into the mic that only seem to get better as the song goes on.

Thanks to the diverse flows and personality-highlighting deliveries that he includes in this song, Ant shows off yet another side of his skill set, and it led to probably my personal favorite song yet from the young spitter. Although Fastmoney Ant hasn’t been in the industry for an overly extensive amount of time, he has already made moves that veterans would awe at, making “Crash Out” another song that you need to tap in with as soon as you find some time.