CRANQ*E – [Zyler OE]

Zyler OE is an emerging rapper from the south side of Los Angeles, and he has been making some noise with his unapologetic approach to his creative process. While I was not familiar with him before somewhat recently, he actually just dropped his just new mixtape titled CRANQ*E. The nine-track project lasts about 22 minutes and showcases the artist’s unique style that combines fashionable, rhythmic beats with shadowy, mischievous vibes.

From the first track on the project to the very end, Zyler takes listeners on a wild ride through the streets of LA, with a mixture of infectious production, a vibrant personality, and numerous clever rhymes. The tape boasts an impressive variety of sounds and styles, with each track showcasing the emcee’s changeability and creativity.

It’s honestly difficult for me to choose just one song that stands out amongst the rest. Even though I think it’s pretty clear that no track is necessarily Grammy-worthy, I feel the consistency and fluidity from song to song shows off Zyler’s attention to detail and making sure that the little things don’t go overlooked.

The production on CRANQ*E is top-notch, with each instrumental expertly crafted to complement Zyler’s interesting persona. The mixtape’s hard-hitting, West Coast-inspired beats will have listeners nodding their heads and tapping their feet from start to finish. While there are numerous trademark LA elements that you can pick out, I feel like there is this intangible change of pace that really helps this effort stand out.

Overall, CRANQ*E is a highly enjoyable and well-crafted mixtape that demonstrates some of Zyler’s intriguing talents. With its bouncy production, nimbly confident rhymes, and West Coast aesthetic, this mixtape is sure to be a hit with fans of hip-hop. So, if you’re looking for some fresh, new music to add to your playlist, Zyler OE’s latest project should definitely be on your list!