Grammy-nominated Cozmo goes all-in on new project “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Cozmo’s latest project release If Tomorrow Never Comes is a musical display of versatility and talent that pleasantly surprised me. As a multi-faceted producer and artist, Cozmo’s latest album showcases his remarkable skills in both realms of the music industry.

The album features an impressive lineup of artists like Wiz Khalifa, Berner, Jadakiss, and more, highlighting Cozmo’s ability to collaborate with industry giants. Personally, my favorite tracks are “Ride Slow,” “Father Forgive Me,” and “100 Miles,” each offering a unique vibe and showcasing his versatility.

What struck me most about this album is how it transported me back to my early days of listening to hip-hop. It’s reminded me of some of my early days of listening to hip-hop, giving an insight to the genre’s evolution, and in the process/tracklist I’ve become a massive fan.

In essence, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is a masterclass in musical production, and for me, it’s a standout album that I’ll be enjoying on shuffle consistently for the foreseeable future. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates exceptional talent in any facet of music. Cozmo’s name goes beyond the music industry as well, as he’s the owner of his own cannabis company¬†La Coz.

Y’all gotta check this whole project out from start to finish. Check it out on Spotify below.