Count Me Out – [SoFaygo]

I have had such a blast over the past couple of years getting to tap in and witness a handful of artists blow up well beyond anyone’s preconceived expectations of them at the very start of their careers. After a period of time where I was beginning to find myself getting slightly bored with a generation of proven emcees along with a new wave that just wasn’t quite as exciting as I have experienced before, this was the breath of fresh air that I needed to really rejuvenate my love for this industry.

Out of everyone, SoFaygo was definitely a stand-out star that I was entirely encapsulated with, and he has stepped up his game tenfold since my initial introduction to him. Back in June, he dropped a 5 song EP called B4PINK, and even though I honestly don’t usually listen to projects front to back more than once very often, the 13 and a half minutes that this effort lasted were nothing but remarkable and have kept me coming back countless times to continue enjoying this appealing project.

Although I know that SoFaygo is an extremely recognized figure in the industry, I feel like I undercut his notoriety way too much in the past due to my own naivety. I know I’m late to the party, but this was made obvious in his Neri-directed music video for “Count Me Out”. I mean, he might just be the first person that I’ve ever seen flex money from a foreign country, and that in and of itself shows me that I was drastically uneducated on his success, even after giving him some pretty massive props in the past. In the video, Faygo takes his talents to Brazil where he partakes in a myriad of lavish activities in even more extravagant settings, but it’s when he hits the stage for a performance that I really get amped up.

I just see this massive crowd going crazy from the front all the way back as far as you can see, and it takes me back to the couple of performances I’ve seen him put on which are never anything less than incredible. SoFaygo appears to trend upwards with every single thing he does, and as he continues to skyrocket in terms of fame and fortune, I’m just grateful to be here to watch his rise from afar and appreciate the fact that he continues to get better and better with every new piece of music he puts out.