Could I Be The One – [isaac nathan]

As someone who grew up in a household where alternative pop music was a staple, the genre has always had a lasting impact on my listening habits. Sure, hip-hop presides over all, but when I feel the need for a change-up, I often fall back to music of this nature. Artists like Simply Red, Sting, and Seal filled the airwaves of my home, shaping my taste in music and influencing the facets of modern music that attract me the most. Thanks to the talented isaac nathan and his debut EP Could I Be The One, I get to relive that nostalgic sound that I grew up with.

Upon my first listen to isaac’s work, I was immediately struck by the echoes of the great alt-pop music I’ve come to love, particularly the sounds of my hometown icon Bon Iver. Isaac’s music possesses a calming and distinctive quality that makes it perfect for easy listening, and it never fails to get my foot tapping to the rhythm.

The EP consists of four phenomenal tracks, each offering its unique flavor to the musical palette. However, it’s the opening track, “Could I Be The One,” was my favorite. The song/project title holds multiple layers of meaning for Isaac, serving as a reflection of his personal journey and aspirations.

Though isaac is a senior at the University of Miami studying marketing, his true passion lies in singing and songwriting. He has been singing since he was a child, but it wasn’t until his junior year of high school that he started writing his music. It wasn’t until his sophomore year of college that he began releasing his creations to the world. The messages of Could I Be The One touch upon the universal themes of romance, nostalgia, heartbreak, and the emotional turbulence of transitioning from a teenager into adulthood. Isaac’s introspection in his music is what seemingly makes it so relatable. The phrase “Could I Be The One” is not just about his hopes of being the one his love interest falls for; it’s also a question he asked himself about pursuing his passion for music and achieving his dreams.

Isaac Nathan’s journey, from those early days of creating music to his recent performances around the University of Miami and even singing the national anthem at Miami Hurricanes baseball games, is a testament to his dedication and talent. With the release of his first EP, I’m excited to see just how much that hard work and talent are recognized. Check out Could I Be The One below!