Could Be a Curse – [KAINA] ft. [Sen Morimoto]

Kaina Castillo’s debut album ‘Next To The Sun’ is set to drop on July 12, and with that milestone just around the corner, the Chicago native has shared a mystical visual accompaniment for one of the album’s singles, “Could Be a Curse”.

While ‘Next To The Sun’ will be KAINA’s first full-length LP, the singer-songwriter has been working toward this moment for years, with an already extensive music career rooted deeply in the city’s independent music scene. From her early involvement in after-school programs like YCA to working behind-the-scenes for Noname and Jamila Woods, she’s accumulated a résumé and repertoire of experiences whose influence echoes through the music she puts out today.

The integration of Chicago’s soul into KAINA’s sound shines through in her latest music video, which showcases her alongside frequent collaborator Sen Morimoto. The haunting tone of the song gets reflected in the progression of the video’s scenes, following the two artists as they try to make the most of a bad day. Director Ashley Thompson tells this story through beautifully composed shots, concluding with KAINA and Sen chilling on a rooftop with the city’s sunset-kissed skyline in the distance. Turning a curse into a blessing, KAINA and team leave a viewer with something to hold on to as we wait for her new project to arrive in full.