COPACETIC – [LIFEOFTHOM] x [Haile Supreme]

Precise attention to detail is a constant theme within every facet of LIFEOFTHOM’s creative output, and his avant-garde approach to his music is introducing a compelling new angle to the New York music scene by re-writing the possibilities of what music from the city can sound like. Thom has the innate versatility to switch gears from downtempo and atmospheric soundscapes to stage-shaking performances at breakneck speeds with just a flip of a switch. No matter what textures he has his hands in, the results are incredibly consistent, and he’s setting a precedent for the successes of what’s to come with a steady stream of head-turning singles so far this year. 

My first introduction to Thom was via his infectious live performance at SOBs, where he tore the place down with a crowd-erupting set featuring a myriad of tracks from his deep discography. At first glance, I was taken aback by his stage presence as he expertly corralled the crowd, taking them from moshing to singing along. Thom’s skills and appeal extend far beyond the stage and only continue to be brought to light as his sound evolves. Recently, Thom has made a sharp pivot with the direction of his sound, opting for a more cinematic and colorful delivery that’s executed so well on his previous release, ‘archetyp333’. The track’s dipped-in reverb sound offers a tangible feeling of nostalgia, which struck a chord with audiences, building a new sense of anticipation surrounding Thom’s reinvention of his sound. 

Although he has years of success and experience within the game, it is with the release of his most recent track, ‘COPACETIC’, that he really found his footing featuring an undeniable sound. On this track, Thom is shooting on all cylinders with his confident cadence and introspective lyrics seasoned atop a tasteful looping sample. This builds a palpable tension that frames Thom’s inspired vocal performance as he jumps from one frantic bar to another. Haile Supreme’s soulful contributions to the track may be understated, but they are impossible to miss. Haile’s crooning bridges the gap between Thom’s anxious bars and the sample’s gentle tone. A minimalistic feature at face value that, in reality, casts an immeasurable amount of character and substance to an already compelling tack. Additionally, there’s a characteristically great visual released alongside the single that’s worth a watch within itself. Tap in with LIFEOFTHOM’s most recent single, ‘COPACETIC’ using the links below!