Cookie Chips [Rejjie Snow] x [MF DOOM] x [Cam O’bi]

It’s hard to be believe that “Lost In Empathy,” the first song that I heard from Rejjie Snow, released six years ago. At that time, the Dublin, Ireland artist was just nineteen years of age, touring with prominent names such as Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, and MF DOOM. Despite garnering attention, the identity of Rejjie, however, was oddly compared through the scope of Tyler The Creator. In fairness, the Tyler being compared to Rejjie was during the WOLF era, including all releases prior. Now 2020, perhaps the only credible likening between the two is their nonconformist personalities amid a dull, undifferentiated music industry. When introducing a friend to Rejjie Snow, it’s better to simply let his work do the talking. The sound of Snow fascinatingly varies from dark to mellow, highly capable of interchanging between lyrical hip-hop and pure experimentation. “PURPLE TUESDAY,” an exceptional track featuring Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins, masterfully captures a blend of Rejjie’s qualities, merging expressive lyrics with melodic instrumentation. When the record released in 2017, I was thoroughly impressed by the fitted mold of the collaboration, despite Bada$$’s differing skill-set. Three years later, Snow’s latest collaboration with MF DOOM has provided a déjà vu like listening experience.

Via his Instagram, Rejjie revealed that a collaborative album with the legendary MF DOOM will launch this year. Filled with excitement, I naturally began to envision how the first single and overall body of work would sound. My initial question soon received an answer, with the visual release of a brand new single titled “Cookie Chips.” Produced by Chicago native Cam O’bi, the instrumental implements a soft accordion esque instrumental, making it the perfect match for DOOM. Once more displaying versatility, Snow delivers two impressive rap verses along with responsibility of the brightening chorus. From “I got the black man balled in my fist you laugh now cry later just empower the kids,” to “Twistin’ indica while the sunrise, sticky like the rain in the summer,” listeners unfamiliar with Rejjie will likely associate the song’s hook with an unnamed singer. The music video, directed by Machine Operated & produced by Nat Baring, cleverly aligns with the mixed messaging and feeling(s) surrounding Rejjie’s inputs. Holding colorful balloons and wearing bunny ears, the visual is like an alternate reality in Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko. However, all seems to take a turn when DOOM appears, citing heavy intricate bars such as: “it’s inadequate, this elaborate floral display, they paid for bad habits, gaul, and moral decay.” In a strange, yet brilliant manner, Rejjie Snow and MF DOOM have effectively meshed their talents to produce an unforgettable work of art. Watch the visual for “Cookie Chips” below!

Words by Brandon Washington