Contacts – [Supa Bwe]

You know your favorite artist just released a new video the other day, right?  No joke – below you’ll find Supa Bwe‘s new visual for Contacts, the first single from his debut solo project, The Dead Occasion (Releasing Oct. 24th).  This track is a perfect middle ground for the people who like upbeat music as well as the people who like a slowed down, mellow tune. Watch Supa lounge around the beautiful scenic property as he makes it known that phony shit is indeed contagious – and he’s not for it.  Throughout the video you may catch a glimpse of some familiar faces, including Mulatto, Westley and more.  Check out the fun below and set your calendars for October 4th!

Directed by Cole Bennett | Produced by ChurchDontStop | Drone work by Jeff Salzburn