Contacts – [Mick Jenkins]

I’ll forever be a student of music, especially the Chicago scene, and while there are numerous artists from the Windy City that stand out in my mind as people I listen to on a daily basis, Mick Jenkins is probably one of, if not my all-time favorite Chi-town musicians. He just has such a unique way of bringing his songs to life, and his lyricism is always as impressive and eye-opening as ever. While I find it hard to top my personal favorite project of his The Water[s], he was just finding his footing in music, so with time and practice comes skill and growth, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s at the very top of his game with his latest song “Contacts”, a single off of his upcoming album Elephant in the Room.

With an eerie instrumental and menacing bars delivered by the Chicago icon, this record is as captivating and impressive as it gets, so after watching the Ren-directed music video as well, it’s safe to say that I absolutely can’t wait for this album. Opening up, Mick finds himself in the middle of a desert where he drags a body through the sand before arriving at his car, dumping the body on the trunk and heading out for a drive. After cruising the day away, Mick shows up at a run-down convenience store of sorts where he grabs some water and heads back to his home.

After dozing off on the couch, Mick envisions himself inside the trunk of the car, where he escapes and runs off. After waking up, he heads out to his whip to find the trunk open, and just when you thought this was a dream, a clone of himself comes up from behind and hits him over the head with a shovel, giving us a mind-blowing ending to a picturesque music video. Mick is never one to reveal all of his tricks at once, so the abstract, mind-moving concept behind this visual is truly artistic and amazing, making the video for “Contacts” a must-watch for any fans of this Chicago legend.