Consistent – [Roy French]


The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, the highly anticipated and long awaited video is really here… and it’s everything we thought it would be and more.  With Roy French being the character he is, we all knew this video would be a bit outlandish, and outlandish it is.  Between DJ Earn Money‘s production & APJ Films crisp visuals, French was given the platform to express his creativity in whatever way he wished.  Through this 3 minute and 34 second adventure we receive an abundance of animation tied in with emojis and even a bit of nudity.  If you are familiar with Roy French you know he is a man of hard work, and if you don’t – you’ll know soon.  He has brought a whole new wave to Chicago, a splashy, wet wave that is soon to soak everyone; check out one of the best of Chicago’s newest visual, Consistent, above!  Don’t underestimate the Higher Learning entourage, 2015 is theirs.