Concert Review: Baby Keem Rap Superstar In The Making

There’s a conversation that’s been going on in the music industry asking if there are any more potential rap superstars in the making. Some of the names that might come to mind of the next generation of rap superstars probably include names like Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, and Jack Harlow. After going to the Baby Keem show here in Charlotte last week I’m ready to add Keem to that group of artists and I believe it’s going to become more evident after the release of his next project. One of the main reasons I believe this is the kind of crowd he was able to draw here in a nonmusic market like Charlotte, North Carolina. Although I feel like we’re a couple of years late to the Baby Keem party I feel like the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Normally for you to pull a good crowd here you have to be on the radio or at least have a gold or platinum plaque. Seeing Keem go from ‘The Sound of Habit” to now has been a pleasure to watch. He’s constantly tweaking and adding to his sound and his flows.

The second thing noticed during the show is that Keem has a good balance of ignorant and introspective music. This is perfect because it creates such a fun atmosphere during the live performances because it’s such a wave of emotions surging through you. The energy in the room goes from a somber record “Honest” and builds back up to an anthem-like “Family Ties.” Something else I loved was they played classical and bachata music before Keem even was out on stage. This created such calming energy over the crowd and I think it helped with everyone’s mood overall. Lastly, the main reason I feel confident about Keem reaching superstar status is because of how he’s able to connect with so many different people. It’s the fact that he’s in tune with the youth and attracting an older audience like myself. The more versatile you become with your music and the further the reach you’ll end up having because you can connect different groups and worlds of people. I believe seeing Baby Keem’s show in Charlotte was a great indicator to see where he’s headed in the future. He’s been able to amass a lot of support in a short time period and I believe Keem Hive is going to continue to grow and flourish along with the music.